Braga-Rios Connection

The two strongholds of this special Interbarney week were Youtube dynamos Ronald Rios and Dayvid Braga. Breed and creature, I called the duo for a hot partnership.

Dayvid was able to ask everything he ever wanted for his idol. And Ronald could unravel everything he needed to find out about his most ardent fan.

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10 Questions from Dayvid Braga to Ronald Rios

1. How did you manage to join Mtv?

Dude… a little talent plus a little luck. I did some things, they pleased some people and I’m there with great success, every month there is an article in the newspaper. Curious is how I joined Interbarney!

2. How do the ideas for making the program come about?

Man… 3 years ago we had recorded something like that, where Erik would say a theme and I would improvise on top, with opinion and/or nonsense. This video was never very prominent, but it has always been a favorite of mine and his. And he always put in a battery that would turn into a cool program. I really wanted to borrow his PlayStation, so I agreed to go to the studio one day. The rest is success. It’s really curious how the idea of ​​Interbarney came about!

3. Where did the name badalhoca come from?

Dude, I don’t know. Erik who named the producer – because he created it, I only arrived later. But I know he gave it without knowing the meaning. The meaning is kind of regrettable, so we believe today that Badalhoca means Erik Gustavo and Ronald Rios. You should ask yourself something: where did the name Interbarney come from!

4. How did you meet Erik?

Dude… blogs, stuff. Personally it was by accident. He was in a small meeting at a mall with a little group that had a girl that I thought was cute. I don’t tolerate blogger encounters, but I went because the girl called me and I was in an adventurous vibe at the time. We spoke little, he was very quiet. But really good is how I met Chico Barney, EDITOR IN CHIEF at Interbarney!

5. Where did the idea of ​​making a video come from?

The idea of ​​making a video? A video? (Laughs)

6. Have you received any proposal to change broadcaster?

I didn’t receive a proposal to change stations. I will always be amazed that I have achieved something with ONE broadcaster! A broadcaster and of course a killer portal called Interbarney!

7. What do you think about Michael Jackson’s death?

If Xandy de Pilares says that everyone makes mistakes, she should say that everyone dies too. Normal. Too bad it went with so many mysteries around it. So many things somewhat mysterious, quoting his catchphrase. I just think Michael’s death is being overshadowed a little by the release of Interbarney!

8. Who were you inspired to do with the word?

In no one. So, not directly. I don’t think anyone ever thought that spending 20 minutes talking in a chair could be interesting. So, of course… there is stand up. That’s why it works, because it’s not THAT bizarre. The difference is that it’s seated… improvised… and funny.

But you can see influences from… I don’t know, a lot of people. I’m happy when compared to George Carlin. I’m glad you made me attract Interbarney’s attention.

9. Did your family and friends support you in the beginning?

Ever. My mother was always supportive and had faith. I have few friends, but they don’t really care about it, I guess. Which is good, because I play video games and basketball with people who would enjoy HANG OUT with myself even if I continued to work at C&A.

10. Have you ever said something that you shouldn’t have said on the show?

The program is not live. If I say something and don’t regret it until it’s time for the final edit, it’s the one that really has to be heard. But… I intend to talk here at Interbarney about everything that was cut in Com a Palavra!

Returning the courtesy, Ronald Rios prepared 10 questions for Dayvid Braga.

10 Questions by Ronald Rios for Dayvid Braga

1. There are so many things. Where do I start? Let’s go with a basic question: Why do you write like this, with every word starting with a capital letter?

Well Ronald this from the Capital Letters that I’ve used for a long time, Sei la I think at the time I came up with this to differentiate my text from the others.

2. Where did the idea of ​​making Com a Palavra, Dayvid Braga come from?

Ha First time I saw Com the Word on Mtv, I found it Interesting, I soon became a fan

After Watching Quaze All I had the Idea of ​​Paying a Tribute.

3. You have already made clear your desire to honor Com the Word, Ronald Rios. Do you want to stop the program now? How far do you go?

Not at first, as far as Erik will allow.

4. Seriously, how far?

Until When I Can, What Do You Think?

5. Ronald Rios always says he became a blogger and later VIDEOMAKER because he wanted to get a woman. Do you also aim for this with your work, the success among FRAGILE SEX?

Yes sure !!! Never more woman.

6. Why do you post photos of Monza cars in your orkut album?

It’s not a Monza and an Omega, Because I’m Crazy for this Car, My Dream is to have one of these.

7. Why do you have 2 profiles on orkut and add me with both? Do you believe that making a thousand friends to have 2 profiles is poverty? Anyone who wants to have two profiles, HAVE.

My intention is not that, is that one of the Orkuts I lost the password and created another one and shortly thereafter I remembered the password of the first one, and today I use both.

8. What are the inspirations for this comedy of yours?

Day-to-Day Things and Ronald Himself.

9. Describe Ronald Rios.

And a Hilario Guy, Intelligent and Ha Top of Everything Creative.

10. A successful message for the Interbarney premiere!

Firstly Success and Good Luck, May This Be the First of Many !!! A big hug.






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