Media Reviews Today’s Golfer. Both of these shafts are highly regarded and see a lot of play on the PGA Tour. Which driver can you recommend for me. Even with the light shaft and head weight, I still had no problem feeling the club head in my swing. Now, I know what question a lot of you most want answered…how does it sound? It does hit it straight, but for the better player it is a little hard to shape.

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This may be a pleasant surprise to the fan of the traditional driver shape. I really hope a lot of sumo owners trade in their loud driver for this particular model so my ears can relax a little at the driving range!

Accuracy did improve and should be a good driver if you can get the alignment correct. A combination of ultimate forgiveness while still providing top tier distance.

Looking back at previous year Sasquatch and Sumo drivers, this seems to be a common trend in the Nike driver line. Previous versions of the club felt a little more dead in off center hits. I have lost yards of length Yards with the in comparison to the Ping, but the improved accuracy and ball flight more than make up for that.

I did not find it distracting in the least bit.

Hi, just discovered your site and enjoyed your review. You may want to check out the Sumo version of the club which is geared more toward the player that wants to move the ball. Sure, this is great for hitting a straight ball, but ballooning in the wind becomes a major problem and you are obviously losing a lot of distance.



This driver is the future of golf. The Diamana shaft is surprisingly smooth and the stiff flex actually felt right for my swing. I have since heard that it might not be USGA conforming. I really enjoy this club. Of course you need to hit the ball correctly but this club clearly will give you confidence which means a lot.

A deeper face and even squarer design has further optimised head stability and produced the max MOI.

If you are looking to work the ball, it is possible with this driver, but it really does want to go straight. Can you 5900 me how to tell for sure if this is a conforming driver? The Sumo also lets you add shape to shots but without having to worry about them converting into a slice or hook!

My swing speed is not very high. Though when I had a look at it, it just seems a lot larger. Sure the shallower face may have put me off a little at first, but after a sumi2 swings this club felt like money in my hands. The Sumo still seemed to want to go straight, but flattened out a lot quicker and had considerably more roll….

Nike SasQuatch Sumo2 5900 driver

Please try again later! Today we are going to have a closer look at a website that offers a handicap tracking service. Coincidentally, our first child, Sophia, is having her first The G5 is a great club and the G10 was about to replace it this spring.


I have been such a slacker on The Deep Rough the past year. Sure there were some complaints of a loss of distance and deafening sound, quieting the square head buzz a little…However, it has been over a year now, and as far as I can tell, club designers do not sleep these days. When you do get your whole body and hands round at the point of impact, the driver does what is does best. The club sat nicely at address and the clever head colour scheme made you feel you were swinging a normal club.

The effect of the cup face also seemed to want to pull off center hits back toward the fairway as well.

Nike SQ Sumo 2 Degree Driver Regular Flex Graphite | eBay

Weight is repositioned to the farthest corners of the Nike PowerBow design, optimizing head stability and delivering ultimate accuracy. The Sumo Squared has made enormous strides in this department. The initial buzz factor was huge as everyone seemed to love to talk about super high MOI and the ultra-forgiving nature of the square driver head. The XL I really enjoyed hitting, really felt like I could do nothing but hit that thing straight.