At first i hit the the ball directly straight,but straight right. You are right about the head making the shaft look shorter- It seems at least an inch shorter at setup. I love the sound and the weight of the driver is just perfect. The sole configuration between the Tour and non-Tour versions vary slightly, with the non-Tour version clearly pushing a little more weight towards the heel than the Tour version, but that change is most obvious from above — the PowerBow bulges in the non-Tour version on the heel side of center. As a fairly new golfer about 2 years when i finally came off the money to buy clubs other than from wal-mart i realized that you get what you pay for.

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Currently using a Nike One Black. I bought the Nike Sasquatch Tour 9.

Nike SasQuatch Tour Driver Review

Not the head size, i like that part, but the lenght is too big for me and im 5ft 4. I am a 5 sasqyatch and when i do miss hit the ball the sasquatch tour wont magnify it as much and wow does it go a long way!

I will hit a toe-shot and feel pretty disgusted with the ball strike and find that it is still yards out in the fairway. I would reccommend this driver to anyone reading this review.

I averaged about a yard drive with my cobra, and jumped up to about yards average driving distance with the SasQuatch tour. And even being larger than most cc drivers, it is lighter and easier to hit. Over the years I have won many long drive competitions at my local clubs during tournaments with my Persimmon head driver.


I play with a lot of traditional clubs, including my muscle back adjustable swing weight Wilson Staff forged blades and PowerBilt Persimmon head fairway woods. Notify me of new posts by email.

Review of Nike SQ Sumo Lucky 13 (Drivers)

I love the sound and the weight of the driver is just perfect. It tends to fade away when I am standing over the ball. This driver is definetly not going to be improved on by too much in the years to come.

Launch monitor testing confirms that the SasQuatch produces a fairly low amount of spin the non-Tour model, with a lower, deeper CG may produce more but was not test. Goes along way without too much effort.

Had a chance to check it out at a demo day, they had all the gadgets hooked up so you could check swings speed, spin, launch angle, etc. I got mine for a hell of a deal because i worked at a golf course for several years, and decided to get all new clubs and i was going to hold nothing back for the driver.

Gives a good healthy launch angle, and shallow drop of the ball.

I am about to purchase a sq driver but I do not know which one to get? The best club i have ever bought in my life!!! I found out soon it was because i had the ball to far back in my stance and was swinging way harder than i need to. The Tour model is available in lofts of 8. Which helps my strike pattern. The tip stiffness of the NV helps to sadquatch a good ball flight.

Last Drivers  EAX1550 SILENT/TD/128M/A DRIVER

After using it times the headcover goes on and off with ease. I also had problems with putting the headcover on but it got better after a month of use. The center of each clubface is void of grooves, with white lhcky dots around the area and black grooves on the heel and toe. I currently use a King Cobra Ti and have a hard time with the bigger drivers.

Nike SQ cc Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

Nothig to dislike really. The problem is it gives me to much thought to hitting big. Besides that, this club will never go out of style for im going to guess about 7 years. I purchased the SQ I bought the Nike Sasquatch Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Tour version is a bit shorter front to back with a deeper face.

I just purchases mike sasquatch tour version