RAID 50 virtual disks contain redundant information in theform of parity data, which is calculated block-by-block for all user data. If the drives are never foundbecause they have been removed or have failed, you must manually remove thevirtual disk from quarantine. Page Reverting to Original DataThe snapshot service has two features for reverting data back to original data: Failedmodules are displayed in red. Expansion begins and the percentage completed is shown.

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The page automatically refreshes at a second interval. Affect of Changing the Date and TimeResetting the storage system date or time might affect scheduled tasks. The task remains in the current state until an associated schedule initializes thetask to run again. Page Event SeveritiesThe storage system generates events having three devkce levels: The information that is shown varies, depending on the page.

Page Deleting a SnapshotYou can delete snapshots at any time, including when: In addition tothese users, which you can modify, you can add 10 other users 13 maximum. Caution — Before resetting a snapshot you must unmount it from data hosts toavoid data corruption. This content has been marked as final. Help MenuThe Help submenu in the Monitor menu provides the following options for gettingonline help: For the selected volume you might see the followingmappings: Percent Complete — Percent complete of the volume copy.


Page 85 You can give each dcsi a name. A MSAsa storage system feature thatmakes all volumes in the system accessible to hosts through all hostports on both controllers.

msai MPIO issues – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

If the nickname is in the list, you must specify aunique nickname. Host bus adapter is the preferred term in SCSI contexts. Misc — Enclosure ID, which is 0 for a controller enclosure and increments from 1for attached drive enclosures.

Assign names that indicate how the volumes areto be used. If the host scanned for devices since the storage system was restarted, restart thesystem to complete the deletion. Free SpaceSpace allocated for a virtual disk but not used by volumes. The Add System User panel displays the current list of configured users. Managing Host Access to VolumesEach volume has default host-access msz2012i that were set when the volume wascreated; these settings are called the default mapping.

They, in turn, append digitsto the number to identify individual devices or software processes.

If one controller fails in this configuration, the interconnects remain active so hostscan continue to access all mapped volumes without the intervention of host-basedmultipathing software. Click Change Notification Settings.

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An adapter that connects an intelligent device to an Ethernet network. The following table shows example hardware addresses and port IP addresses.

Note — If you are using Firefox and have a download directory set, the file isautomatically saved there. HP St or age W orks. Source Volume Name — Name of the volume being copied.

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Restarting and Shutting Down a ControllerYou can restart or shut down controllers when a controller is not working properlyor when the system will be serviced or moved. The othercontroller will restart. To fix such aproblem you might need to reset maa2012i host ports channels. Shutting Down a ControllerShut down a controller module before you remove it from an enclosure, or beforeyou power off its enclosure for maintenance, repair, or a move.

It also describes how to return spares to the pool of available drives.