You can see basic print server information in this page. This print server allows your printer to become a shared device on the network. It will be helpful in your installationprocess. Print Server Network Functions 1. Page 67 Step 3: Connect the print server to your network by attached the network cable to the UTP port of the print server. All of your previous setup will be cleared.

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Unpack the print server package and verify that all the items listed in the section 1.

MicroNet Technology SP755D User Manual

From the assistant of this utility, you can print to other print servers outside the subnet across network segment. Page 30 After the installation, you have completed the following tasks: Page 66 Step 1: It is highly recommended to install all provided components. You can enter the installed location of the print server here.

Page 24 The Administrator Installation procedure is totally completed. The report lists basic information of all available print servers on the network.

MicroNet Technology SPD : Print Server User Manual

Server Name, the name of the print server. Select Print Server Configuration. Before theinstallation procedure, please confirm that your PC has connected to thenetwork and installed at least one network protocol. The other two tools are described as follows. Setup Wizard Setup Wizard 8. If it is enabled, please set up the following parameters. You can set up the IP address on the various Unix systems using any one of the following methods: Table Of Contents Contents 1.


Page 44 Relieve the need of a workstation running the remote printer utility. This information will be displayed in the SNMP managementtool. You can set up the IP address on the various Unix systems using any one of the following methods: Setup Wizard Setup Wizard 8. You will need to perform the tasks below, logged in as the superuser root.

2 tcp/ip | MicroNet Technology SPD User Manual | Page 80 / 99

All of your previous setup will be jicronet. Setup the NetWare printing. When the printer is interrupted because of paper out or off line while printing, user can set the interval time to bypass the current printing job.

Page 22 NOTE 1: Your print server should now be ready to use.

Choose to set the print whether as a default printer or not. The other two tools are described as follows.

Micronet SP755D User Manual

This manual also for: Remote Ports utility Remote Ports Utility Remote Ports Utility offers a convenient way ssp755d you to manage and add printer port of the remote print server.


Press the Insert key to add a new NetWare print server object.

It offersprinting flexibility and manageability on your Local Area Network at anextremely low cost and with an absolute minimum setup and maintenancerequired. Set up the name of this print server. Upgrade Firmware From Browser 8. Administrator Installation and Setup refer to section 2 for moredetailed information.

Each print server will occupy a user account with which it canlog into the NetWare server. Print Server Name, the name of the print server.