Flooding the system with the same bug seems pointless too me, especially since all related and possible viable comments would be wildly spread across multiple bug reports, what’s else is the point of marking this bug affecting me as well? Join Date May Beans 1. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. That is the way that dmraid, lvm, multipath and mdadm work. Attached scsi generic sg2 type 0 [ 1. December 18th, 5. Changed in linux Ubuntu:

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It did not make a difference.

Make sure that package is still installed and the dmraid command marvfll still usable. I switched to using badblocks instead of dd because it was able to write just as fast and did not cause kswap0 to use a lot of CPU like dd did and in addition it did verification of the writes takes a looonnnnggg time with 3TB drives.

Fredrik Moberg brelovich wrote on So I should install the patch karvell I switched the kernel?

[PATCH] UBUNTU: [Upstream] ahci: Detect Marvell 88SE9172 SATA controller

Download full text 4. Originally Posted by parsec. To post a comment you must log in. I’m affected by exactly this bug, that’s been reported here, in this bug report.


– SATA drives unavailable on Marvell 88SE controller while IOMMU support is enabled

This was also present previously when when I used kernel 3. Award Software International, Inc. If I boot up using Desktop CD, it always stops at around 7 seconds after showing attaching drives.

The commit is a legit stable fix and part of the Ubuntu December 1st, 2. However in Redhat Bugzilla88se917 report that with kernel 4. I know this is probably a separate issue, but this is the most recent article I can find on dmraid. Oh, sorry, wait a second.

The dmraid command seems to have verbose and debug options. Email me about changes to this bug report. Not that that is an unreasonable thing to do, but just what happens. Sorry to bother you, since dmraid as no update anymore, so is it recommended to use mdadm instead?

When I was copying large files TBat first it was alright, then it broke down.

We all can assume that the more specific the report gets, people with enough experience identifying the same issue are likely to encounter the same thing and help out identify ububtu exact issue. SATA link up 6. SATA link up 1.

Last Drivers  CP1215 OS X DRIVER

Yes, you can remove the mainline kernel with dpkg –purge. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Christopher Why do we need to resubmit all bugs we all encounter individually? Dropping to a shell. As well, because you are not the original reporter, at this point, your posting comments to this report is not helpful. I found someone has similar problem using 4. If it is installed, then at least in The error message is as follows: This bug affects 3 people. If yes, try to run it in various modes there is one to only show things, but also one that is supposed to create the raid1.