These commands are used to retrieve and set the value of application properties. The reader will not attempt to consume a card if a card is already present in the transport. There may be other cards that are similar to the GAM, and this device may support some of them. After this command is issued, no magnetic stripe data will be available until a card is read. This serial number can be used to distinguish one USB device from another in a system. The property type None is never returned. This property enables or disables MCP auto baud synchronization.

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Software accessories, Related documents – MagTek IntelliStripe 350 User Manual

It is not installed on all configurations. If the bit corresponding to an indicator magte set, then a notification message will be sent from the device to the host in response to that indicator changing from a 1 to a 0 state.

The following values are currently defined: Send me product updates and important information via email. Smooth mechanical motorised card-transport ensures fast, reliable, and high-quality encode operations.

Applicable documents, Standards, Magtek documents – MagTek INTELLISTRIPE 380 USB/RS-232 User Manual

The maximum time it would take the device to reset would be 5 seconds. Your message has been sent.


Details of these commands are described in the Generic command section of this document. This property is the USB product.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? This section will address the memory available on the card as a file.

MagTek IntelliCAT User Manual | Page 4 / 7

Op Code one byte AD Name: This command always returns data from the most current magnetic stripe data acquisition. This command allows the application to select the connector to be used in commands that follow. This property is used to enable and disable power fail detection. The response contains the result of the requested operation. Note The buzzer is an optional feature intended to be used primarily with the contact-less smartcard option.

Page 65 Section 7. The existence of generic commands allows standardizing on commonly used commands across multiple device applications.

Not all device applications support these commands. This bit can be used to indicate the beginning of a card insertion or the end of a card withdrawal. Op Code one byteBlock one byte Data Response structure: Intellistripe Desktop Motorised Card Reader click for more Page 33 Section 5.


If you wish to use the msb first option, you will have to set this property to 1. The first are ISO Microprocessor cards. This option can be used to attempt to eject a card that has jammed in the unit or that is in the unit but is invisible to the sensors.

Typical intellicat installation version | MagTek IntelliCAT User Manual | Page 4 / 5

Mccp Messages The following command ID values are defined: Card started ATR early. In order for these properties to influence a card session, they must be set before the card session begins.

If this property is set magttek true then cards encoded to JIS X type 2 standards can be decoded. This command is used to modify the value of an application property. This property enables or disables MCP auto baud synchronization. Page 87 Section 9. Moving the reader away from noise sources monitors, speakers, etc.