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If none of these method works, please contact us. Hi Jay,Unfortunately the mouse does not support pressing more than one button at the same time, so if you left click while holding the thumb button, one of the buttons will not perform its function.

Choose between,and DPI. Was this review helpful?

I LOVE this mouse, its so comfortable. This product is not working properly, help! Please use the device on a different computer to see if the problem happens on different computers as well.

We provide day warranty for our hv-,s672. Could you provide your order number so we can provide solution for you?

HAVIT®HV-MS Optical gaming mouse – Havit

The scroll wheel was doing good until I accidentally moved it sideways, apparently it can be moved from left to right and vice versa, it still worked by all means but I became worried how this will affect the quality in the future. I love this product, the design and RGB lighting eafle what wins it for me. Ergonomic design Fits naturally in msgic hand with no cramping after extended gaming or work sessions. Its a great mouse, nice rgb and feels very nice but the scroll wheel is completely useless and does not work at all.


Mavic continuing to use this website, you accept our cookie and privacy policy. Additional information Weight 0. Simply use the tag havit on Instagram. If for some reason the maggic was not installed properly the first time you plug in the device, please follow this guide to update or reinstall the driver This guide is for Windows 10, but it applies to other Windows systems too: No, the breathing speed cannot be changed.

Now I will be completely real with you. Of course the 4 levels of DPI for the different sensitive type of people is just wonderful, I eafle to love it really fast and the price helped it even further.

HAVIT HV-MS672 Ergonomic LED Stress-Ease Wired Mouse (Updated Version)

Wired mouse with 4 DPI settings for your gaming needs. Thank you for submitting a review!

Give The Employees A Raise. How do I change the DPI? I just bought this mouse for the second time, I broke my first one, and I love this this one just as much as my first one. Cant use thumb mouse button while holding down left click When I hold down the left mouse button and press the thumb mouse button that’s at the lower hand side, it doesn’t work.


HAVIT HV-MS Ergonomic LED Stress-Ease Wired Mouse (Updated Version) – HAVIT Online

Hi Caleb,Sorry to hear that the maguc is not working properly. How was your overall experience using the item? For full shipping region list, please visit this page. Your input is very much appreciated. No Registration RequiredShop and Go.

I only wish the sensor was slightly better, if this mouse had a better sensor, this mouse in my opinion, could compete with the Razer Deathadder. If the problem is solved on the other computer, then the problem has to do with your original computer itself.