How do I get the new templates? Still unsure what to use? Use of this configuration should only be used in a lab or test environment and not with production deployments. Change the setting to Allowed , and click OK. Enabled reduction of bandwidth, increased server CPU Additional color space threshold:

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Citrix ThinWire HDX Graphics Modes – what is right for you? –

Change the Categories drop-down to Auto Client Reconnect. You can find all downloads over at https: These policy templates should not be used if users regularly view multimedia. Use video codec for compression is set to For the entire screen. Users get the benefit of lower bandwidth use for the video content combined with sharpness of text in applications they are working with elsewhere on their screen s.

The following Lossy Compression levels can be configured: So what about this default settings, should we change it or leave it alone? Impressive and levl useful article. Click Add next to the setting Automatic installation of in-box printer drivers.


Change the Categories drop-down to Printing. Sometimes, Less is More! Instead, review the three clipboard settings below it. Lower Still — Experimental 8-bit Mode!

Now, with the bit policy enabled: Click Add next to the setting Auto client reconnect logging.

Default printer mapping only and Citrix Universal Print driver is enabled for all printers. Jasper July 23, Doing so will increase server density. Rikesh September 13, January 30, 2.

Citrix Policy Settings

Windows Media fallback prevention is configured to play all content only on the client thinwure. Preferred color depth for simple graphics is set to 8 bits per pixel. Firewall ports should be opened from client Receiver to VDA, opening any ports on firewalls that the connection traverses.

Different policy templates and modes — Bandwidth consumption General opening of applications, typing, saving, and navigating through menus etc.

The new FP3 policy templates are: George Spiers June 7, I understand it has fallback feature to TCP. DCR on default settings — 3. See the next couple sections for more settings.


For example, you cannot predict that a user will always be using the same high speed WAN connection each day, especially if they roam between different areas. It takes up over 90Mbit more than when I tested with medium graphics quality. This is the last Computer setting.

This reduces bandwidth and improves the thiniwre experience. Photographic imagery within the browser looks very similar to the original bit image, however, some gradients become apparent in the Windows 10 wallpaper. Offers a good mix up between server scalability and user experience.