Click to find out more. One little nuisance I have is with this placement for the IDE ports. For that reason, I may forget about the other old motherboard and just wait until I can afford something a little nicer. I have a KKR running a 1. Thanks for the info. Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

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LadyhawkApr 22, Basically these enable the missing memory timing settings in the bios to allow a more aggressive set up. Good solid performance there and also very consistent. This will give you a theoretical maximum of mhz. Now for the important question, How well did it perform? IanGFeb 8, State of the art in sound technology, the embedded 4. Hi, I’ve searched for info in this forum, but I have some questions.

Better yet for overclockers, another tool in the overclocking battle kit! The board plain refused to work with my SoundBlaster live in it. DDR being such a catch phrase, most people including yours truly forgot that in reality, it only allows twice the bandwidth of conventional SDR memory but isn’t really ‘faster.


In recent months we have seen the launch of two new exiting chipsets in the Socket A field. Im willing to bet a Applebred would work. Feb 8, 4. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

I can’t seem to find it. LadyhawkFeb 8, It really makes the board stand out from the rest. While the packaging does look quite spiffy, it actually does a good job at protecting the board from whatever might happen to it. I can buy it relatively cheaply, but I want to make sure that the board won’t go any higher.

Iwill KK266 KT133A Motherboard Review

Kj266 thing we were taught as kids were to never judge a book by it’s cover, but I must say, Iwill has done a superb job on their packaging. Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

Nice also to see included a very comprehensive guide to using the onboard Raid controller, a feature that other manufacturers seem to overlook. Based on the VIA KTA chipset, the KK doesn’t change iwlll that much from similar KTA offerings, but that is not to say it is exactly the same either – indeed it is far from from an ordinary motherboard.


Click to Enlarge Just south of that, is the processor socket. It gives me an idea of what direction to look. Instead we were dealt iwikl SDR solution. Around the CPU socket you will find a good amount of 3-pin power connectors for fans.

To succeed, they need to make a product competitive to that from other manufacturers in terms of performance and quality, while maintaining an attractive price. I have a KKR running a 1. Apr 17, 9.

Iwill KK Motherboard Review –

IDE RAID technology provides increased drive performance by allowing multiple drives to perform the work of a single drive RAID 0 that increases data throughput and significantly boost overall system performance – perfect for graphics workstations, CAD stations and other k2k66 intensive applications. What and amazing board! Ultimate Upgrade features include: So place your bets, and let’s see how the brothers-KK duke it out!