It can be stopped by clicking the “Shutdown” button. These are not required, however. You can ignore the Session ID. I then un-installed MAS For more information, see the Related Resources section below. Your issue is that you want to run multiple installs from one desk top.

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This will have to be done each time the application is closed, such as when the server is shut down and restarted. One of the pressing reasons for me to figure this out, but which I did not include in my post, was that the company CFO needs to retain access to sotmas90 old server via his existing v4.

You can then click OK there and return to WorldShip.

To run as an Application: Click the Add button to create a new DSN. Copy the two DLL files to System Did I miss anything, or was there as likely as not a simple ODBC installation routine hiding somewhere in the MAS90 folders on the server–or, worse yet, another post in this forum that explains all of this?

I then un-installed MAS In the end, the solution was simple: In some environments, not having the correct permissions may lead to a “Database logon failure” message when attempting to run reports. You must enter the exact path to the folder where Sage ERP is installed. To enable for an individual user after setting up in System Configuration: Adding it back to the registry gave me what I think is a fully-functional DSN without a prior workstation installation on the computer.

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how to install SOTAMAS90 odbc driver – MAS 90 (Sage) solutions – Tek-Tips

The import piece of information on this tab is the Prefix for data files. These are not required, however. This DLL behaved slightly differently from the other one in that, while it remained in place in System32 until reboot, it disappeared upon reboot. Would that not conflict with the existing 4.

See the Related Resources section of this document. To run as a Service: If so, consider sotamsa90 exception for pvxiosvr. If he can get to the old install they just do the work station install for v. Compile the contents of three.

Product Setup > Creating an ODBC Data Source Name

That sounded awfully familar–very much like all the prior failure messages, but I iinstall the reference to possible dependent DLL files, so I reinstalled MAS90 and was rewarded to find, with a bit of guesswork based on file name and date, the accompanying pvxio. Click the Finish button to continue. Your issue is that you want to run multiple installs from one desk top.

The first panel, or tab, displayed is Basic. You can ignore the Session ID.

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Install ODBC driver without workstation setup

It can be stopped by clicking the “Shutdown” button. Wow that’s sotqmas90 lot of work. Subsequent uninsallations of the applications will probably fail because the uninstall information was in the folder that was manually removed. Definition File — Leave this field blank. If the service is set to always start Automatically, it will do so each time the server is shut down and restarted.

ODBC Drivers for MAS 90 and MAS 200

Now, this was bit Windows 7, and I know there would be some adjustments for sktamas90 Windows 7 and even perhaps for XP, but those can wait. If the other service is not needed, delete it. You will need to specify the company code, the default user ID, and the password. It leaves a host of orphaned registry entries and files on the instalk drive that could interfere with subsequent installations of the product or simply appear as files of unknown risk when later attempting to clean up the system or identify a virus.