Previous to this problem it would automatically detect a DVD was present within the drive. Now you can use your burner as before! Power off your device. The tray mechanism incorporates a dust seal so that dust does not enter from the front bezel. Thinking of going way back,,,,like to cave days.

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I suggest one with its own AC power supply. How did sriter evolve? This ariter features a swoop design on the faceplate, starting at the volume control 3 and ending in the upper right corner.

All LEDs, buttons and connections are installed in the right side of the drive, starting with the Eject button 4and following with the Drive activity light 3the Camcorder activity light 2and the Transfer button It does easily detect, read any commercial CD. Now you can use your burner as before!

HP DVD Writer b | Tech Support Guy

It dwnld alrightdriter installed in desktop, but when it came to run prompt, it required I copy it to cd, cd-r, thumb something, or to DVD,. I spent 30 minutes trying to find a place to ask a simple question! Reconnect the device and power it on. Disconnect the device from your computer. Any way thanks for trying, I appreciate it and the time you spent.


This drive has both a USB 2. It is like it knows what I am attempting to do and goes into defiance mode. Previous to this problem it would automatically detect a DVD was present within the drive. Please Donate to TSF. I will give it a try.

HP DVD Writer 740b

HPDVDb Hi lookinaround, hope my joking about a peanut butter sandwich in the disc tray as a bribe didn’t cause you to give up on my troubles. Windows 7 Pro My System.

That’s another reason why problems are addressed in public forums vs private. I had mistakenly begun to think this forum was dead website, cause everything involving my issue I found, “others posting the same questions were old and had no anserw’s with them. So I removed that unit, and replaced it with another and after the computer installing it’s driver, it would read but not write,, I then took the last unit,Not the b,apart and though I wrter not see writed dust, I cleaned the laser and hooked it up open to the patch cords, inserted a disk and it would read.

DVD melt down/HP DVD writer 740b

Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. I am so positive with bad luck,, anyway I am thinking,,still thinkin,,tomorrow,, still thinking!

The drive has a general status LED 4. It came back with wrong type or something. If it was dust maybe all I need to do is clean the others? That’s one thing I like about 7zip, that you can look inside some of these installation files. Thank you both for assisting.


What shall I be? Win 98Win 95 File Version: This no longer occurs. I most likely could not have afforded it anyway, I am disabled and have limited resources, which is why I I bought the first computer, to try an wriyer something to generate my own income again,that was yrs ago andwell I am not stupid,just not sharp enough for this time in my life.

HP DVD Writer Drives – DVD Series Internal and External Drive Identification | HP® Customer Support

Maybe I should try “bribing it”,, a good thick peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the disc tray, what do you think Jiffy, petterpan ,, crunchy or smooth? Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I guess I will wait till tomorrow for now. Then install this software. Anyway, like LookinAround said, firmware upgrade is no guarantee.