It is two hexagonal silver standoffs. My power jack for my hp dv broke and im atempting to replace it. When you press the ON button it comes on for less than 5 seconds and it cuts back off. My HP Pavilion dv sometime starts and works fine; however sometimes it will start and the screen will have lines and be greenish yellow. I even replaced the audio board and still the same.

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Most likely this is some kind of connection related problem. If the laptop still has no video even when only one either one memory module is installed, probably this is the video chioset failure. You can search for a new motherboard by the part number which could be found on a sticker in the memory compartment.

IML Tech — Thanks so much fo these awesome directions. Can you get image on the external monitor when internal screen unplugged?

Thanks for the effort but my sound still doesnt work. What happens when you plug the AC adapter. I will get back to you when I get further. Take a look here: Hi, your tuto was perfect, thanks. I should mention that my pavillion dv has lost sound both from speakers and from audio-out.

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My DV 14 inch screen model has started to wear out on me bit. Do the towel trick work in this case?? Will it open up? Thank you very much. I am having problems getting to the cooling fan and removing it. My laptop is not charging my battery.

I have a couple of issues after re-assembly. So…anyone have any clues about this: How do I know what motherboard to buy? Then I procedded to force boot the laptop because it would keep rebooting itself always trying to read something from said port.

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The top cover is stuck just above the touchpad. Clean up the heat sink assembly from dust.

A quick question, if you would be so kind: Ever since then the screen has not worked. And yes I took out CPU from the socket.

HP Pavilion dv6700 laptop chipset drivers

Do not separate the clip from the base, it must stay connected to the base. Hello, My dv has also failed. Hopefully the result will be a fully functioning computer when the procedure is completed.


Following your instructions, I took everything apart and I found that the cooling assembly was packed with lint, making this laptop shut down due to thermal within 2 minits from boot.

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If you want us to review it drop us a line and we just might bump it to the front of our reviews queue. RAM is good because before it was working without no problems.

Works well with many different brands. Could you help explain where the other end might run to so I can trace it back and plug in back in? Will not start up again, just recycles through the dv700 procedure only. Nothing comes on screen, you hear the fan turn on, all the little blue lights on the laptop console come on and then it just shuts off.

I removed and reset the RAM cards and hard drive and nothing improved.