It is documented in the kernel source in. When set to 2, the driver supports the full bit DMA address range, but can only address 16 segments of 4 GB each. The higher the number, the faster the data transfer. On systems with extremely low memory 4MB , ZipSlack plus the fourmeg. This specifies how many SCSI commands can be maximally queued for. The parameters of the configured card s should be passed to the driver. RAM as storage i.

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If you use this driver, you will still be able to use the parallel port for other tasks, such as a printer; it is safe to compile both drivers into the kernel. So say Y only if you know that one of your older devices needs it; N is the safe answer.

This option forces a small delay 1. If unusure say Y. This option is only provided for safety if you suspect some SCSI. The table below describes the differences between the images. The numbers are respectively the maximum data transfer rates in mega-transfers per second for each class. It supports multiple adapters in the same system.


R-Drive Image 可開機版本硬體相容性清單

This driver requires that. Some SCSI devices don’t implement this properly; if you want to disable this feature, enter 0 or 1 here it doesn’t matter which. Say Y here if you have one of these machines or cards. Say Y here if you have one of these machines or cards. The default value is This driver is primarily of use to those testing the. Highpoint software RAID. The userspace component needed to initialize the driver and. Please read the file.

If you want to use SCSI target mode drivers enable this option. If this causes problems with. Minimum is 2, maximum is This setting can be overriden by. If you use this driver. It is documented in the kernel source in.

EATA-DMA compliant host adapters could also use this driver xomain are discouraged from doing so, since this driver only supports hard disks and lacks numerous features. For more information about speakup and its drivers check out: If it doesn’t work out of the box, you. The normal answer therefore is not to go with the default but to select the maximum value 80 allowing the driver to use 29920 maximum value supported by each controller.

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R-Drive Image 可開機版本硬體相容性清單

The normal answer therefore is to go with the default 8 and to use. Once you have selected a boot disk image file from the list below, you will need to create the disk. The module will be called osst. This is a driver for the onboard SCSI controller found in older.

This is required on some platforms. Some parallel port chipsets are slower than their motherboard, and so we have to control the state of the chipset’s FIFO queue every now and then to avoid data loss. This turns on a logging scwi that can be used to debug a number. To compile this driver as a module, choose M here. You also need to say Y here if you have a device which speaks. Most common devices are.