On my system this causes some problems and at least I had to reinstall Windows completly. Information on this page should be relevant to all distributions of Linux. If you have a different LiteLine notebook running Linux on it, it might be helpful for others to tell them if it works or if it does not work Compile the sources and install the modules as described in the ALSA manual it’s the normal ‘. Peter Stilz has send me another XF86Config file because my configuration file does not work on his notebook – you can find it here. But you can’t create this with the Linux fdisk tool.

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For more information on ACPI take a look at http: The mainframe litelone of Siemens was different however as it produced its own line of mainframes that were not IBM compatible. The last patch for a 2. And please note that kernels 2. As said before it seems the notebook is only ‘build for Fujitsu’. More about the notebook I found more information about the notebook on the web. The Nokia MikroMikko line of fhjitsu desktop computers continued to be produced at the Kilo factories in Espoo, Finland.


Business Notebook, FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK, quality – Fujitsu CEMEA&I

But you can’t create this with the Linux fdisk tool. All I can say litleine the moment is: Normally your notebook is shipped with the tool to create a suspend-to-disk partition. But however if you have problems with the framebuffer device try deactivating APM first. It establishes industry-standard interfaces for OS-directed configuration and power management on laptops, desktops, and servers.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. On the Fujitsu side, the origins of the company could be fujjitsu back to the mids merger of the PC divisions of Finnish Nokia and Swedish Ericssonwhen Ericsson PCs were known for their ergonomics and bright colors.

Linux on a Fujitsu LiteLine CDVD

No precise information at this time. If you want to use the suspend-to-disk feature of your notebook you also have to create a suspend-to-disk partition.

The offerings of Fujitsu Siemens Computers extended from handheld and noteboook PCs through desktops, server and storage, to IT data center products and services. I also found the web pages from Mitac International Corporation http: I actually use kernel version 2.

Laptop Hard Drives

The installation is straightforward. So if you are in need for new drivers only for Windows! I turned the thing off by ‘xset -dpms’.

No trouble configuring the video card, which is supported by XFree Siemens’ stake acquired by Fujitsu, became Fujitsu Technology Solutions. Sirmens keep in mind: Now you can try to run X by running startx, xinit or whatever you normally do to start X. But I don’t know if this really works since I have only a x display.


I have correct battery charge and on-line detection. Next you have to unmute the sound chip ALSA mutes it by default. On my notebook battery time increases when the IrDA port is fujitsj. The next step is to recompile the kernel as usual I assume you know what you have to do to compile the kernel – otherwise read the Kernel-HOWTO There are two ways to use the ALSA-sound-modules: Retrieved from ” https: If you have a different LiteLine notebook running Linux on it, it might be helpful for others to tell them if it works or if it does not work Fujitsu Siemens Computers placed a focus on “green” computers[2] and was considered a leader or innovator in Green IT, across ecological and environmental markings such as Energy Star and Nordic swan.