Page Common Settings Image Quality You can select the image quality processing method when the machine is scanning an original. Select the profile for setting each feature as necessary. For more information, refer to “Setup Menu” P. Index specifying a filename to save to Step 1 Entering System Administration Mode Enter the mail address for the machine that will receive the e-mail as shown below. Importing Scanned Data Configure the Import Method for Scanned Documents You can change the display method and import method for documents when importing them from a mailbox.

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Paper Jams Paper Jams When paper jams inside the machine, the machine stops and an alarm sounds. An original size is assigned to each of the eleven buttons other than [Auto Size Detect].

Set the setting value.


The count of the number of pages printed is also reset to zero. Cleaning the Exterior The following describes how to clean the exterior. Output Format Printed Covers A blank sheet of paper is attached c630 the cover.

Page [0] default: Date Displays the [Annotation – Date] screen. Page Replacing Consumables Pull out the drum cartridge while holding its underside xrox shown in the figure on the right. Action If the paper is damp, either some parts of the copy are not shown or the copy is smudged and unclear. Select [Charge Print Settings].


CG Times Bold Italic Machine Trouble Symptoms Check Remedy Unable to print, Is a message displayed on Follow the instructions displayed to solve the touch screen?

Refer to “Cleaning Internal Components stripes appear.

Scan Documents are optically scanned to convert them to image data. Page 11 Setups Features Allocation You can set the features that appear in the [Basic Copying Tab] screen, in the third and fourth columns from the left. Cleaning the Machine Hold the center section of the waste toner container that you removed and push the container in as far as possible while making sure that the center section is properly aligned.

Select the line you want to register, and select [Change Settings]. The following shows the reference section for each feature.

Standard Printing Area The standard area that can be printed leaves a margin of 4. Refer fujii “Loading Paper in Trays 1 to 4” wrinkled. If you select [Custom Settings], select the memory number to be used.

Select the item to be set or changed, and select [Change Settings]. Job Templates 5 Scan Job Templates Scans a document after specifying the file job template set with scanning conditions, information about the transfer destination server and other information. Data remains in the printer Cause The printer is not powered on.


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Printable Area Printable Area The printable area is as follows. Page 16 Problem Solving Cause The document is made of highly transparent material like a transparency.

Table Of Contents Send Options You are recommended to set the system administrator ID and password to prevent setting xeeox and ensure security. Authentication and Auditron Administration Unable to Scan with the Machine Describes solutions when unable to scan.

Up to characters are allowed. For information about initializing data, refer to below. Page Index cuji a filename to save to Page 14 Authentication and Auditron Administration When the Authentication Feature is not Enabled When the Authentication feature is not enabled, the relation between the users and the use of the mailbox is as follows.