This can be a help or a hindrance, depending on how fast you’re trying to shoot. All five flash modes are available to you. The timer can be cancelled after initiation by pressing the down arrow button. Preface Fuji has a long tradition in digital cameras, and recently has been storming the consumer market with a flurry of new models, combining strong feature sets, high image quality, and aggressive pricing. Unlike the other Fuji digicams I have reviewed, the MX uses AA batteries as its power source rather than a rechargable lithium battery.

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Always load the SmartMedia with the gold electrodes going camrea the camera first the card will not fully slide into the slot if inserted incorrectly. On the one hand, this is great because you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the lens cap.

Steves Digicams – Fuji MX User Review

There is no optical zoom function with this lens, although a digital zoom goes up to 2x and reduces the image quality in the process, unlike a true, optical zoom.

Automatic mode is marked by a single red camera symbol on the dial. Fujifilm Finepix Camera. Overall, an excellent buy for the money, particularly once the discount retailers get their hands on it!

A Fujinon fixed focus lens is built into the camera with fuui focal length of 5. As we said before, like all digital zoom functions, that on the MX compromises image quality in direct proportion to the magnification it provides. Digital Telephoto The MX offers a Digital Telephoto function providing a nominal 2x “magnification” of the image, accessible by pressing the up arrow on the rocker toggle button the down arrow digitally zooms back out.


Therefore, Mac users must either purchase the correct version or be content with the offerings of EZtouch.

Skip to main content. You have control over flash, Macro and Digital Telephoto functions. Unfortunately, Mac users must either rely on the EZtouch software or purchase photo manipulation software separately since the included PhotoDeluxe is only compatible with Windows. The large grip on the front helps this as well.

You may also like. The wide-angle, fixed focal length, fixed-focus lens doesn’t get terribly close in macro mode, but still captures a respectable minimum area digtial 2. Both optical and LCD screen viewfinders assist you in composing subjects.

FujiFilm MX-1200 (Finepix 1200)

Besides cutting down the manufacturer’s cost it also makes it a little more conventional as most consumer digicams do use AA fiji. Steve’s Conclusion I like the MX and that comes from someone who has little interest in purely point-n-shoot type digicams.

Batteries load into a compartment on the bottom of the camera, next to the plastic tripod mount which rests just a little off center. The color LCD is large enough to let you review your shots when away from the computer. Need x4 AA batteries. The image will automatically be recorded at x when using Digital Telephoto, even if the file size had been previously set to x Buy a couple of sets of good-quality NiMH batteries, and a good recharger.


Fuji MX-1200 (1999)

An auto power off function will shut down the camera if unattended for two minutes, except in PC mode. This can brighten backgrounds and avoid the white-subject-on-a-black-background look that’s typical of most nighttime flash shots. Near the top is a switch to set cameda MX’s lens for distance or for closeup focusing.

Once the shot is composed and focused, fully press the shutter button to start the timer. Personal tools Log in.

The notion of a lens cap or retractable cover cameraa been completely done away with on this model. It has mx12000 blurry, poorly defined edges, making it hard to tell exactly where the edges of the frame are. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. Designed for the beginner, this easy-to-use digicam sports a 1. PC Mode Marked by a computer symbol with an arrow pointing inward, allows the camera to transfer images from camera’s memory to your computer.

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