If so, send an email with your feedback. There also is freeware driver called “FreeWheel” that apparently works quite well with any mouse. FrameMaker is a great program, but flaws are carefully being added to it. Index bookmarks not appearing in correct place in PDF. This has happened to me on Frame 6, Frame 7, Frame 8, and Frame 9. The marker box’s “Edit Marker” button always looks greyed out and inaccessible, even when it isn’t.

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Besides the vertical scroll bars and the scroll wheel on the mouse, see how many of these you know and use: So then you divert at hweel last second and click somewhere in the middle of the document instead.

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This topic only concerns suggestions and questions for the FAQ. Trying to find fixes for people and nothing is working and no one is saying anything about it!!! The named destination ‘Symbols’ is already being used elsewhere in this document. The graphics toolbar too is chubbier for framemsker apparent reason.

We all learned not framemker do this early on because if you click in the middle of any open program window you’ll probably hit some important button.


The title bar for undocked palettes is also too thin, particularly for undocked palettes that have been collapsed down to icon size. Some users report that going back to older versions is what worked, or that certain combinations of operating system, Frame version work.

Scroll wheel on my mouse won’t work in FrameMak | Adobe Community

Articles on this Page showing articles to of The document browsing tabs are missing basic functionality. Our customer is bringing us a Framemaker document, and wants it converted into Chinese. I added it to the Reference page in the Character Macros table like they said in the Adobe help file.

Been running FM v8 unstructured interface for a couple of weeks now Windows XPand it crashes at least 2 times every framemakker. In older versions of FrameMaker, the following AHK snippet worked like a charm to speed up scrolling: I’m a user of Adobe’s FrameMaker document processing software, which has never had very standard input processing.

If enough people vote for it, perhaps they will implement it in a future release.

Using the Mouse Scroll Wheel with FrameMaker

When you want to activate the FrameMaker omuse, you reach automatically for the title bar to click it, only to discover that the title bar is filled up with buttons that will do things if you click on them.

On a side note, there is also a slight loadup lag when you click each button. Do not post them here. I hope it is OK to ask here about an old product. This inhibits the use of this application. The paragraph designer is fatter and taller than its predecessor, and most of that space is blank.


Mouse wheel scrolling in FrameMaker 8

Maybe I don’t know how to think about hierarchical books and am clinging framemxker flat-book thinking. Microsoft IntelliPoint does that, and also apparently the Logitech drivers. Sometimes you can’t scroll in the frames; for example, the marker and variable lists occasionally will not allow you to browse through them with the scroll wheel.

My suggestion is to try framemakrr latest, then work your way backward. I am still using FrameMaker 6. Unfortunately, only one is presently available: Additionally, Captivate cannot create swf files.

I’ve been creating new templates in FM Fortunately, the double dotted line intended for moving icons around in toolbars is grabbable and provides an effective substitute. When you hover over the icons they will switch to colorful versions of themselves Framemmaker really is surprising how annoying this is.

I have tried accepting the 3.