A gram, neutral SureFit CG fairway wood weight. The design also maintains the moment of inertia MOI of the fairway woods, keeping forgiveness high regardless of the weight setting. This effect will help make the face flex, which will help increase distance. Everyone interprets the performance of golf clubs differently, so personal testing and professional fittings are imperative, especially in this particular category. It almost feels a little hollow, and not as solid as other fairway woods. The other thing it has going for it is the high amount of adjustability that is available as well.

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Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Fairway Woods, ClubTest Video Review

Do you want max distance, max forgiveness, or a combination of both? Performance The second I took the driver in my hands I could tell it was going to be a stable club. Well, maybe … the distance IS pretty awesome. This driver rxotics be perfect for a golfer who wants more distance or a golfer that wants consistency, or both!

The weighting also positions the center of gravity in the optimal location higher and closer to the face to minimize spin and deliver a more penetrating launch angle.

That was exactly what I noticed from the beginning — a very straight ball that was indeed lower with a more penetrating trajectory.

The trajectory served me very well, especially in breezy fall conditions. I am a Tour Edge Fan and with Fuel is a whole new dimension over Yes, the XCG7 is going to be the least workable, and the CB Pro is going to allow for the most creativity, but really all of these fairway woods will do what golfers ask of them, provided they have the skill to do so.


Phil Jan 28, at 3: Equipment 1 exoticx ago.

These things are outstanding. Since they perform similarly to each other in terms of ball speed, launch angle and spin, golfers can choose the head shape that gives them the most confidence at address and exotlcs go about dialing in the right loft and shaft for them.

The Power Grid alternates in thickness from 0.

I heard of Exotics clubs for a while now and like you have never owned one. Jason is a busy husband and father of 2 daughters who are both just starting to take up the game that he has loved for years.

Any question that I would have had was explained thoroughly. Eventually I accepted the tiny fade and just began to really enjoy that repeatable shot shape. Man, these new fairway woods are amazing.

Easily yards longer than any other 3 wood I have hit. Hamish Feb 25, at Zak Kozuchowski Jan 17, at 2: An understated stick that provides respectable distance with a subdued sound and feel. Loft settings run from 8.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 drivers

Xeotics XCG7 has the shallowest face, which will probably be the easiest for most mid-handicap golfers to hit off the deck. Ryan Hawk December 18, – 8: The two drivers have different volumes — the Beta measuring CCs and the standard measuring CCs.


While the fairway woods had an Active Recoil Channel behind their faces, designed for higher ball speeds on off-center hits, the area was hollow. Wxotics to be at Rockbottom Golf.

Review: Tour Edge Exotics XCG7, XCG7 Beta and CB Pro Fairway Woods – GolfWRX

Your email address will not be published. For years, GolfWRX has been told by leading custom fitters that Tour Edge Exotics TEE fairways woods are some of the best-performing, if not the best-performing fairway woods in their stores. But for higher-handicap golfers, who are likely the target audience for the XCG7, straight is a good thing.

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It has a great combination of everything that I look for in a fairway wood. This will help on mis-hits on the toe or heel to produce more forgiveness and better feel.