This will automatically generate a print command file for the label and save it in your hard drive as an Eltron Journal File with an. Once created and saved, the labels are downloaded to the printer and permanently stored there in memory. When this occurs, theprinter Power indicator will switch from Greento Red. Page 25 OperationAutoSense Your printer is equipped with a sensor capableGap Sensor of detecting the gap between labels while theyAdjustment are being printed. Download the label to the printer. Page 26 OperationCleaning The As you use your printer, the print head mayPrint Head become dirty resulting in poor print quality.

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This transfers the command file, including the single auto-print command, to the printer memory.

The following parameter choices in the IQ configuration menu will achieve those settings: Install CAL Tools per directions on the disk. Place the power supplyin a suitable location, preferably on the floornear an electrical outlet.

Cartridgesare available in four upgradable memory configurations: Printer appears to be working,but nothing is printed. The serial string format is in Condec format CCCbut the complete auto-print command is not included in the indicator string.

The Eltron Company LP2042 Printer User Manual

Getting StartedInstallation The following sections will step you through theinstallation of the printer and Create-A-LabelTools software. Replace the top cover and secure with the fourscrews removed earlier. The discharge of electrostatic energy that accumulates on the surface of the human body orother surfaces can damage or destroy the printhead or electronic components used in thisdevice.

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If thishappens, follow the steps below to replace thebattery. Getting StartedUnpacking the The printer is shipped in a carton and protecPrinter tive bag.

This configuration change can be done using the CAL Tools program. Select the Add button, the printer list is displayed.

The serial string you will create will be similar to the following: When labels created on the PC with CAL Tools are downloaded to the printer, parallel transfer is several times faster than serial transfer.

Page 14 Getting Started Rev. Start your computer and thenDriver start Windows. Verify that the labels are the correcttype direct thermal. EJF file with the original name.

Accessories Eltron gladly accepts Mastercard and Visa. When the text file opens, you elrron see a string of commands, the final one being the file-end command, FE.

AC Power Adapter Cord – Zebra Printer: LP, LP, TLP – Thermal Printer Outlet

While pushing in on both tabs, pull theAssembly lower sensor assembly away from the mechanism. No Windows-based label-creation software will work with these two printers for the same reason.

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The PC is then disconnected from the system. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Eltron LP Installation manual |

TroubleshootingWhile lifting the lower head bracket, removethe tension release rod. Serial InterfaceAttach a suitable serial printer cable from thecomputer to the DB-9 RS Serial interfaceconnector at the back of the printer.

Check that the printerpower switch is in the OFF 0 position. Spare partscan be ordered by contacting Eltron at 1 Carefully lift up themechanism and disconnect the four cables thatlead to the main board noting their positions. Gross Print Format The command string necessary to format and print a Gross Format label is a combination of IQ plus commands and Eltron programming commands. Eltrpn the new gross format string and download it to the indicator.

The IQ is unique in that its transmitted data string includes all parts of the ticket formatting. Battery Turn the printer on with the Memory CartridgeReplacement installed, for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Graphics created are stored as Form 7, 8, or 9 8 none Interface Chart: