I’ll let you know if I get something back. So you can just flash the highbeam to scroll through which headlight mode you want. But there module is just over 4 times the physical size, so you get a larger box for the money heheee Although, you do have to drill a hole into the plastic bulb cover the black round things you can see when you look past the instrument cluster. Haters gon hate ; ford fordfalcon xr6 xr6turbodevelopments fordperformance fordperformancevehicles nulon bilstein brembo whiteline kingsprings venomexhaustworks processwest cppistons mambaturbo bosch michelin pilotsport4s hoontune goodridgebrakelines zf dba rockfordfosgate rocketindustries brakesdirectaus pwr barratheworld nolathane turbo nos.

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The TL3 also gives you a boost to light output, as it powers direct from the battery with far less voltage drop.

Is anyone aware of a mod you can do to run both headlamps on the 09 daytona to low beam and still have the high beam function as well. Which is way I decided to even include the option to have different modes for both day and night with the new one. They keep changing twilignt website, keep re-naming the bulbs and slow to release in Australia.

Fuel and a box of matches was on the cards soon after our discovery, but after some head scratching we managed to pull a spare piston off a spare block. Fortunately they decided they could pin it together, long recovery. When your setting the mode you want, just cover the light sensor with your hand so it thinks it’s dark. I want left and right side low beam with the ability to use high beam on right side also. Ordered mine Thursday and was in my hot little hand Friday afternoon with a courtesy email to confirm.


Got mine last night and installed it but the light above where I park my bike and the lights in the city around me kind of made it go into twilight mode and one headlight was off I assume normal function based on instruction so I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet.

If at night, use a torch on the light sensor to trick it into thinking it’s daylight to configure daylight mode. I started these a couple of weeks back, as I’m moving house in 1. If so, the halogen is whiter.

I also have the aFlasher. Thanked 29 Times in 21 Posts. Why o why can’t all businesses behave like this? Shift Light Install–There has to be a better way!

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What about really good price for your neighbours across the ditch? Then it will twilighh in with the sun and you won’t be seen. Honda civic breeze stock stockasarock sr20det neovvl r32 sleeper nulon nulonbornthisway wtac wtac nissan nismo custom fastcar burnouts hoonigans hooniganstreetsquad.


It seems that this product would make it a lot easier for people to see me coming. Will it work with HIDs? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I’m twilightt auto mechanic. But that might give you a better matching setup ; sitrucmit I have HID’s too, so need to know as well.

Shift Light Install–There has to be a better way!

I’ll let you know if I get something back. That would solve a few of my issues. I bought V1 and think it’s just amazing work.

Later, looking for yet something else, I found a box which had that tool and a treasure chest of other things I was soon to be looking for hahaaaa Occasionally ecllptech attempt delivery signed for but don’t leave a notice Very easy ordering process.

You can run a HID on the low beam and a normal filment bulb with the Twinlight Driver on the highbeam. The TL3 is the closest you can get to having something with a dual low beam appearance.

Just what the doctor ordered!

After receiving my ute back from the dyno after blowing a head gasket, i found out today another piston had failed me.