Notify me of new comments via email. I am looking at this as well at the moment and hope to get to a local market and see what I can find at the weekend. One is for audio and the other is for “service”. Just as I was considering cutting up a USB phone cable, I realised that I had a full-blown Linux system with a handily accessible serial port that runs at […]. Please note that the section showing the bottom of the board was vertically flipped in GIMP to give a sort of X-ray vision effect.

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The BiT Bang Theory

Attach the red cable to the pin 6 wire TxD. The CA was not available from anywhere at the local market went to 4 stall holders and only one had the DKU My cable had ground txd and rxd cables only.

Check out his blog too, he posts some cool stuff. To test the cable, plug it into your computer yo insert a wire in the housing, connecting Tx to Rx. This seemed to be the best first call as Nokia’s are so popular and the cables can be had for as little as 3 UKP on-line.

This means the chip runs the previously uploaded program faster but it also results in a vku of a headache for those that are doing a manual reset upload. Just saw your post on the Arduino forums. The alternative is to find another manufacturers data cable that is as cheep and cheerful and use that.


Please post back with your results. Earlier I mentioned that you can get USB power from the 3-wire cables. Update Several good, inexpensive, purpose-built USB to serial modules are now rku on eBay for around five to six dollars. Compliments from me aswell on a very good article. You need to connect to the service debug port. Finally will looks like: Once you know which pins they go to google the pinouts for your phones connector you know what each colour calbe wire does.

Curiously, the USB-driver that was supplied with the cable, did not seem to work. The Bit Bang Theory. How do I know it was successful?

On Windows rku can probably find some info in the Hardware Manager, but I don’t use Windows much anymore. That is, if cble top section was overlaid on the bottom all the vias would line up.

Connect wires 5 and 8 to your multimeter and see if it shows 5V. Too often there are just a bunch of out of focus smears none of which demonstrate what is being shown. My new Arduino USB cable worked great!

Last Drivers  MSI 7095 DRIVER

IDEAS: USB-UART console using old nokia DKU-5 datacable. (v TTL)

At least looking at Nokia cables anyway. So how does it work when the ATmega expects 5V? Email required Address never made public. Studying a picture on your computer beats the calbe out of using the magnifer on a Helping Hands.

Pin 22 to the red led through a ohm resistor to Vdc. I think the manufactures buy these cable based on how cheap they are with little concern for how many wires they have. The pl is very common, I have not come across an ark as yet though, until now. Make sure the power is off and the cable is not plugged into the USB port. The extraneous wires are colored red and green.

Unfortunately this cable is not that easy to find anymore so buying one of the other USB-to-serial cables are recommended. Ground is common anyway. Make sure the cable is go I unearthed an old Sony-Ericsson phone cable out of my wonder-cable-box.