Or select UDP if you want to scope for the connectionless application service on the remote server using the port number. Gather the information as illustrated in the following table and keep it for reference. Check this will block all browsing requests from PCs Block: If you set this device to be bridge mode, select Enable; if not, please select Disable. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

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This protocol is used to enable simple and robust connectivity among stand-alone devices and PCs from many different vendors.

Billion BiPAC C2 Manuals

Select TCP if you want to scope for the connection-based application service on the remote server using the port number. Maximum Transmission Unit indicates the network stack of any packet is larger than this value will be fragmented before the transmission. Click Session Name Configuration, the following screen displays.

With this wizard, an end user can enter the information easily which they from the ISP, then surf the Internet immediately. Click OK to finish the configuration.

If the device is too hot, turn off the power immediately and have a qualified serviceman repair it. Choose Yes if you want to generate logs when the filer rule is applied to a packet. Tyrone Maxwell 2 years ago Views: Then, click the Delete button. The pool is a piece of continuous IP billion segment.

Last Drivers  DVR 203C DRIVER

For instance, a dedicated web server can be connected to the Internet via the product and then incoming requests for 7111c2 that are received by the product can be rerouted to the dedicated local web server, even though the server now biolion a different IP address.

Fill in these fields required by this Static Routing function. Multi-users can have high-speed Internet access simultaneously. The default value is Provides an easy way to map the domain name a friendly name for user such as and IP address.

If not, please refer to the sections below for more information Configuration When you click this item, you get following sub-items to configure BIPAC C2.

Press the Browse button to specify the path of the firmware file. Enter the source MAC address.

Each time local machine is powered up; the router will recognize it and assign an IP address to instantly connect it to the LAN. If it is required, your ISP will provide you the information.

The router can detect incoming service request and forward it to the specific local computer to handle it. Supports user-friendly web based GUI for configuration and management. If this test returns FAIL, make sure your phone line is connected to your DSL modem securely, and also check with your service provider to see if your service is activated.


You will get the correct time information after you really establish a connection to Internet.

Billion Electric Company BIPAC-711C2 Network Router User Manual

It will refresh every ten seconds. You can visit www. Then, press the Submit button. To configure other types of workstations, please consult the manufacturer s documentation. You can trace the historical information through this function Security Logs Display the information of security logs.

Billion BiPAC 711C2 Manuals

Please follow through the More information. U10C User s Guide Rev. ISP assigns this IP address. Since your service provider might not support this test, your DSL modem could still work even if this test fails. Check Yes to enable this function or check No to disable.

Since the product cannot auto-detect whether your cable bioac correct or not, please make sure you are using the right cable to a PC or a Hub.

Configuring the modem 3.