Additional once I know everything is working as it is intended to I will write a detailed step-by-step guided on how to make this work, which I will make available to all Vectorworks users. Register a new account. FmPro Migrator gathers schema info, data and forms directly from a Bento Backup. I can Vectorscript – want to know more about SDK. A step by step would be helpful.

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Enter a name for the DSN and enter two keywords: Posted November 20, Register a new account. This is the final step and it is to connect object instances to the database table rows.

Posted February 24, Is it functioning at all? Both files beno on the same computer If anyone could help, that would be great. Hi all, So I’ve downloaded the demo of to test as an update for our currentmainly for the ODBC options which would increase our productivity like crazy. It appears neither ‘Update Database: Bento Counter fields are also configured as Auto Enter Serial Number fields having the Next Value parameter configured, but since Counter fields are not Primary Key fields, the Unique and Not Empty validation parameters are not enabled.


Each field of the record format bentto to be mapped to the appropriate database table column. FmPro Migrator automatically determines the name and attributes for the Primary Key column within each Bento database table. The engineers have been made aware of the issue and they are working. I can see more bentp may be required. Signatures require maintenance, as previously stated I am not a fan of.

Posted June 21, edited. Posted June 28, If there is any in Utilities, download and install? Field labels are arranged to the left of each field, with each field created having the bengo field background color and text font. I hope that post will spread a little light into the darkness Regards, Sasha Edited November 18, by Sasha.

Made a few objects with a record with a few fields, opened up excel, make up some data relating to the fields, straight forward logic. FmPro Migrator directly reads the database structure, data, relationships and forms within the contents of any Bento backup file to perform the migration.

Mac ODBC: Database connectivity for Mac OS X by Actual Technologies

Now you are able to update record field values with data from the database file or to write into the database file. If there is no wizard, on System tab click Add. If the table is created via ODBC, then these field attributes may be set manually after the table has been created.


I can’t seem to get the DNS to take with the above help. Posted October 20, Has anyone had success with this yet in ?

Close it with OK and it should work. Sign In Sign Up. I can only assume it must be my error on my part as it would be very odd that this basic workflow odbbc not in place in a professional application without the purchase of another very expensive application. I guess I could always convert them across.

Applications that use SQLite databases

I could use openxml and sql perhaps as a workaround but WTF its a released feature. If the file is xls file, Filemaker will offer you to convert it. Ryan – thanks for that. odcb