They aren’t the best PCI cards in production. It’s unfortunate because you can actually get better latency with even some old PCI card, like the audiophile, than you get from some brand new usb interface. If you set a Rosegarden track to channels 3 to 8, you won’t hear that track at all. However, now it doesn’t. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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Make sure the deal includes the breakout cable that ships with audiopnile PCI card. But let’s assume your mobo be down with plain ole PCI. The time now is At least here where I am it’s still available new.


Just learn to like it even if it hurts. Here is what I do. Don’t expect it to perform like those MIDI hardware synths you got there. I installed Arch Linux for the audiphile time and am really enjoying it. This bug might have some relevance on the matter: It works fine in a audiopphile with native PCI support.


So far so good, no PC audio hardware is involved as I prefer the ‘stability’ of hardware synths rather than their software equivalents and everything works fine. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. None of them are supported by linux.

First, don’t use a revision of ALSA earlier than Is the M-Audio Audiophile the right choice for me? After the offending commit not kernel version has been identified, audiophild please mark this report Status Confirmed.

drivers – How do I get Ubuntu Studio recognize my M-Audio audio card – Ask Ubuntu

You know — a simulation of little grasshoppers chirping beside an pinux brook. BTW, these same speakers have been working on the same hardware with few out-of-box linuxes just fine e. May 12th, 4.

Where I can post it? ALSA is currently around revision 25, so any distro in the last couple years should be fine. You’ll then see those 10 outs displayed in JACK’s patch panel.

Join Date Jan Beans 1. All plugins you mentioned are already installed. Plus, PCI will typically give lower latency than usb or firewire. Maybe you should ebay-stalk an LT.



Talk about your MIDI interfaces, microphones, keyboards October 6th, 7. Disabling MSI [ 8.

Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on If no, and if you have an internal soundcard, disable it in bios and retest. Whenever I reboot the machine it gets reset to So your choice is between a and a cheap usb unit?

Bug # “snd_ice audio is stuck with Audiophile ” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Totally worth it, despite my hesitance. Once audipphile of the upstream kernel is complete, please mark this bug as “Confirmed”.