New test with Ubuntu 8. This resolved the problem. I have exhaustively tried to find a solution within the support documentation and forums to no avail. Maybe I can find it the utility, I mean. ATI has begun supporting linux to some small degree I recently attempted a clean install starting from a live desktop session on a Dell C with an ATI Rage Mobility M3 and x monitor and saw the ‘overlapping display’ problem when X was started so did not proceed with the actual installation The nature of the problem can be seen clearly on the page below http:

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While I followed other tweaks to xorg.

I assume you’re using runlevel 3, but if not, can you try it? Though the graphics has slightly improved pointing devices has actually worsened since Ubuntu 8. Brian Murray brian-murray wrote on St Peter stpeter on Specifically, during install the screen goes to full-screen mode, x, and the screen ‘folds’ over itself so to speak – and the installation boxes do not fully view.

Testing with Ubuntu 8. I tried what you said, it actually lets me do this, I’m assuming it did some good at least I’d like to think so RJ11 port 2 USB 1.

ATI Mobility M4 on RH

But I dont think that is part of this problem. Login [x] Log in using an account from: I rave not sure if this is anything new. I would imagine a driver would solve the problem; please do explain how to install, if there is such. Beside3s laptop graphics drivers has for a long time not been developed by the graphics manufacturer but by the computer maker in this case DELL.


External display isn’t recognized in the screen resolution dialog. So hardwer detection and instalation scripts mix up the frequences and become stupid.

CONFIG_DRM_R128: ATI Rage 128

Find More Posts by wvillers. The CD was working very hard all the time as well as the CPU and many times the computer seemed to freeze though this could be just the poor performance of the live cd when i ran the hardware test in Gnome to send you a report which I decided would be easier to write by myself instead since it just didn’t finish.

If you do want to have your bug investigated, then test against the Alpha 5 LiveCD as I requested and I will be able to summarize your problem properly and forward it upstream. Hmmm actually this looks to be kernel level.

r(4): ATI Rage video driver – Linux man page

For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

So how should one complain to. Hi, it’s been some time since we last heard from you – are you still interested in this bug? Is there any that you miss besides those that arew there or are you just wanting new ones from a new release? I’ve decided only to test versions of ubuntu either betas RCs or final releases and only once per realese.


If you wish to give up on having your bug investigated, just mark your bug report invalid. Maybe I can find it the utility, I mean.

Still no pointing device support nor full keyboard support though GNOME insist that their is support for the laptops keyboard. Page 4 of 5 First The solution is manualy edit xorg.

Vlad Original Message From: If you arent already, try upgrading to our latest kernel. Virtual size is x pitch but screen stays black I noted that pll parameters are identical from first installation, but I did’nt find how to compute it, how to force them to a different value and how to insert them in xorg.

I didnt want to endanger it. There was recently some kernel level console switching bugs fixed. Comment 5 Stephen John Smoogen