Im having exactly the same issues, could one of you please give me some info on how you have got this problem resolved. If everything goes well, it will be shipped with Mixxx 2. I’ve been playing with this controller and the options all day and this forum saved me, which I desperately needed before an event I’m playing Saturday. I was hoping it wasnt an issue with the controller or software but I have had problems in the past with virtual dj home with the same things.. To use it with Mixxx:.

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Unlike most controllers with built in sound cards, which rely on Mixxx to do all mixing in software, the VMS2 mixes signals from the sound card in hardware. I did not try that, please verify!

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – American Audio VMS2 Hardware/Audio driver problem

Just checked that Asio. I am already working with AA support but not getting to far yet and thought I would see if anyone else has experienced what I am experiencing. TheForwardJul 30, To use it with Mixxx: In Pitch mode, moving the platters from either the top or side will only bend the pitch of the vmd2. Start your PC 3.


What software is included? My left fader mvs2 Deck A, my crossfader acts as a volume with loud being on the left. Jeff EvansJul 15, As you move the fader right both tracks play, including if the fader is all the way to the right.

DJ FreshflukeJul 29, Any help would be really appreciated guys. In order to use zsio VMS2 with f. Does anyone have any suggestions or need any additional information to help resolve this issue? An additional soundcard is not necessary. Of course, if you do so, attach the headphones to that other soundcard instead of the VMS2.


The analog inputs are captured by the built-in soundcard as input signals. Amreican is a Midi Controller with a soundcard. If anyone can help with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Therefore, a recording using the Mixxx software will sound different from what is played through the VMS2 master output, as the crossfader curve and signal mixing are not the same in hardware and software.

If anyone’s able to help me I’d really appreciate it.


American Audio VMS2

The rotary knob was used for library browsing. My cross fader is not working.

The EQ was probably disabled. What kind of power supply is needed? Translations of this page: I have recently bought a VMS2 and Im working virtual dj le with it, its working fine except the sound quality coming through my headphones is poor, often crackly and very fast small skips or blanks in the music which make qmerican sound awful, also the songs waveform doesnt load up properly on some of the songs This happens on my backup laptop also.

I’m still completely lost on this one. If I switch back to internal mixing mode to verify that it vs2 mapped correctly everything seems to be controlled as it should. Your name or email address: Do you have issues when shutting down VirtualDJ? DJ FreshflukeAug 2,