Need more fade bias? They have borrowed some of the technology that TaylorMade has with the white matte ghosting and incorporated that into their already successful hybrids. In testing, the 3 hybrid had carry distances closer to a 5 wood than a 3 iron. The last piece of technology that is worth mentioning is the Matte White Crown. The smaller, tour-inspired shape is designed to maximize playability from virtually any lie. The XR and XR Pro are also exceptionally well-rounded, with pleasing looks, feel and performance from the tee, fairway and rough. What the AeroBurner lacks in forgiveness, it makes up for in horsepower.

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The new crown slot improves deflection across the entire face to increase launch angle without creating any additional spin. Turning the clubhead over the bottom of the club is where all the action is.

We have the golf GPSgolf swing video, golf instructiongolf teesgolf simulatorsgolf storegolf shopand most products that are golf related. The XR and XR Pro are also exceptionally well-rounded, with pleasing looks, feel and performance from the tee, fairway and rough. Re-Designed Crown Slot A redesigned crown slot that is deeper, longer and thinner provides for improved performance. It also has a slightly smaller club head cc that many better players will prefer.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For that reason, we recommend trying a higher-lofted version of your current hybrid, if you carry one. In the short term at least that does not appear to be the case.


Sometimes an equipment manufacturer will redesign a product in hopes of invigorating sales. The combination of these features will give you increased confidence at address making the decision to go for it on those long par 5’s a no-brainer.

We may be in the off-season, but over the last seven days, there has still been plenty of action from The first design feature that most will notice is the stainless steel colored bar that begins at the back of the VST sole slot and goes to the back of the club. Either way, the XR series has you covered. Our Gear Trials: As long as you can make semi-solid contact, the results are acceptable.

The AeroBurner hybrids are adamw adjustable, but they are available in lofts of 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees. After the company was purchased by TaylorMade many thought that they would kill the Adams line.

Those seeking more forgiveness, or looking to save a few bucks should lean toward the S. The combination of these features provides the golfer with increased confidence at address. I found the club to be equally good from tight lies, off a tee and out of the rough.

Adams Super S and LS Hybrids: Editor review

A new sole slot increases the overall hotness of the face. Golfers swap out long irons for hybrids when they lose confidence in the blades. Adams combines a titanium crown and face with a stainless steel sole and VST.

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Maximum adjustability allows for customized face angle, length and swing weight for maximum performance. Also on the top of the clubhead is the top VST slot which runs along the majority of the top of the clubhead.

Adams Golf Idea Super Ls Xtd – 15* Hybrid, Utility Club Golf Club | eBay

Callaway Forged Wedges Review. In this case, the AeroBuner edged out the R15 with a slightly tighter dispersion, albeit further left of target. The first piece of important technology for which many other golf manufacturers has adopted is the sole slot. Equipment 2 weeks ago. Because most of this is done near the back of the clubhead this is not distracting at address.

2013 Adams Golf Idea Super LS Hybrid Review

We found the AeroBurner hybrid above to be slightly more forgiving than the R15 hybrid. Both clubs report unmistakable feedback on a mishit. No pings, zings or angelic harp sounds to disrupt the audio-kinesthetic connection.

Our Gear Trials Panel includes:. In their advertising Adams claims that the Super LS is used not only arams average golfers but also by golfer playing on Tour.