What’s the SATA raid card? That’s the first time I let an OS beat me down, but I had to take a step back and realize that the games aren’t going run much better with W7 anyway. Did you ever get around to installing or testing it in a system? Usually chips from that era are go no go anyway. I did download XP driver and Catalyst for the from a site this after noon. The fun starts here as you will be asked what ‘install’ you want to repair. Down but not out.

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Not sure if that would help.

ASUS A7N8X Deluxe – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 SPP Series

I’m still in the market for one but not at current Ebay prices. With a project like this you have to play detective. The box is up and running with XP on a logical partition. Find More Posts by hw-tph. Or just give in to the dark side – forget about running Windows at all unless it is W9x or some other vintage version and install a Linux distribution, FreeBSD or another operating system that works. They’re the only group of manufacturers that do this and it’s a pain in the ass working on their stuff.


Because the component labels on the silk screen are printed on backwards. If you currently have or in intend to build a similar period gamer, I would highly recommend the There were no problems with the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, and you shouldn’t expect any. Yes, it’s possible to slipstream drivers onto a7nn8x XP install CD. Seems this is a notorious problem with this game, and ID Software has kind of side-stepped the issue down through the years.

It’s going to take some work on my part to get it sorted out. The LAN driver from his page is also borked – won’t unzip.

It’s not like formatting a disk is CPU intensive. Once in a while a XP or Vista driver might work with W7. Turns out it pretty much was except that the setup CD didn’t support W This has been an occasional problem for Asus due to their reputation of being a manufacturer of high quality products. XP seems to be the right fit for the time period anyway.

I too see video drivers as a major stumbling block. I have a pile of old DDR memory if you need more to test with. This seems extremely unlikely.


I suppose I got lucky on that count. I located the driver z7n8x and ‘hot fix’ directly from the Sapphire web site. The caps ‘look’ pretty good but looks aren’t everything and please don’t give me reason to worry.

ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe

While not truly vintage, it’s heading in that direction. Never tried an Rald with it though. Thanks for all of that. Usually chips from that era are go no go anyway.

I soon tired of it and did a controller restore, so DirectX 9 is back in its place. So when football is over tonight, I’ll try to get the install moving. I hope that helps or you may look at the Asus website. Looks nice, runs nice, and sounds pretty good. Once installed you need to update the following, using the Device Manager, for the below files located in the System devices category.

Honestly, a gs is a better preposition for a beefy AGP card.