So, the first test was run at 32x. My Sony CDU is similar but not the same. However if I forced a reading speed, I got inferiour results. Is this a firmware feature? Based on these results, I cannot recommend this media.

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The SB media checker says this media is audio-only and rates it at 12x. Did the test include the use of PlexTools with the Plextor drives? My Sony CDU is similar but not the same.

I mention these other two settings because I believe the improvement in accuracy may also be related to the extraction speed. However, in Nero SB gives me up to 32x speed for burning.

LiteOn Firmware drivers

This drive is on firmware v. Secondly, whenever a read error occurs the drive slows down. Burnt 2 media with c1 spike in similar place. So, the first test was run at 32x. Based on these results, I cannot recommend this media.

LiteOn LTRS CD-RW Firmware SS0E CD/DVD driver download

That is to say it remains excellent even when its firmware slows down the speed. He-he Also check your spelling in Koda k and Ta i yo Yuden!!!


Dye Long strategy; e. Anyone with “better” or “popular” drives care to do such a test? Then a special program is used to compare the reference WAV image to the ripped back WAV image and then a report is made about the drives error correction and concealement capabilities etc.

Cyanine Type 0 Media type: Burns at full speed. It performs relatively poorly at 32x-speed considering 48x-speed media. The whole project is fully described here: So forcing the speed did not yield good result. Sold as Verbatim datalife not datalifeplus! This is the old popular AZO-Blue dye, dark blue. Made in Taiwan Rated Speeds: This media carries no speed rating on the package.

I notice that it slows down to 8X whenever 488246s encounters a read error.

What I’d like to confirm at this point is whether this is a normal trait of this drive or is there something wrong with it? Is this a firmware feature?

Mitsubishi – Blank CD-R(W) Media tests – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

This drive often does better with C2 enabled although C2 performance isn’t anywhere near as good as other drives like my PXA. It does best with the speed set to Also I want to know if sss0e Lite-Ons behave like this or is this a freak thing?


And all Lite-Ons do that? Or do I just have a messed up drive? The errors are in the first sector, confirmed in Scandisc, but the drive could only read that sector at about 6x in Scandisc.

Not Rewriteable Disc subtype: I do not know the details of this DAE test that Triza mentioned and until I do, I am a somewhat skeptical of the results. Cyanine, Azo, etc Capacity: The characterization of a drive’s DAE performance should not be limited by what software is used.